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@Rory W wrote:

I….’Burn-Chapel’ Whaley, father of the (in)famous Buck Whaley (who had nothing to do with the Leeson St club though)

Quite. Despite the similarities of drink, sex and drugs (not necessarily in that order), I cannot imagine any of the present revellers making it to Jerusalem!

Richard Chapell Whaley’s Dublin residence was at first No. 77 (now No. 87), St. Stephen’s Green, South; and while he was in occupation of this house, Sir John Meade, first Lord Clanwilliam, came into the neighbourhood, and built himself a new mansion (now No. 85), which seems to have stirred the envy of Whaley. The latter thereupon purchased the piece of ground lying between them, boasting (according to tradition) that he would build something to make his noble neighbour’s house look no better than a pigstye in comparison.

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