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Frank Taylor

@m3tolls wrote:

This is just one of many issues affecting the M3 including possible route construction delays and building across the old Dublin Navan Railway line without putting in bridges before the M3 is built.

This is from the non-technical summary of the EIS for the M3

Pace Grade-Separated Junction

The Pace Grade-Separated Junction is proposed to be located on the line of the existing N3 between the present locations of the Dunboyne Road (R157) and the Woodpark road. The junction will be a rotary type with two bridges and a circulatory arrangement. The Rotary will have both North and Southbound Merge/Diverge Ramps allowing entry and exit to and from the Motorway from both directions. The junction shall be grade-separated with the Motorway passing under the Rotary. The Dunboyne Link Road will tie in to the west side of the junction and the proposed realignment of the N3 will tie in to the east of the junction via a roundabout and short link road. The grade-separated junction is also designed to provide the necessary clearance over the existing disused Clonsilla-Navan Railway line to accommodate any future plans to reopen the railway along its present alignment at this location.

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