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Best handbag out:

Are you really trying to say that a luas line wouldn’t have required.

1> Acquisitions
2> Excavation
3> Utility diversion
4> Trackbed assessment and strengthening work
5> Electrical cable support system

The only real difference was that the deck of the Taney bridge had to be constructed to a wider specifiaction;

all of the track and rolling stock and power set up is specified to tram standard and unlike metro standard the green route has a number of at grade crossings which could have been eliminated if an extra 100% was available for the budget.

The other costs associated with its future proofing were negligible as all specs were governed to the standards laid down in accordance with rail safety legislation which only considered broad gauge. The money was simply squandered by extremely poor project managment skills or lack thereof.

I would be very worried if the RPA discover large scale utilities at 50-100m below ground.

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