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a boyle

Route A just won’t work unless all the buses are pushed east and west. The problem is that the tram does not have the capacity to service this route by itself. Anyone coming into town on the 46A and hoping to change to the tram would be sorely disapointed. Also it duplicates any future underground metro.

Although there is much critisism of route B i don’t think it is fair. Consider. whichever route is picked westland row is going to be reserved for buses or trams. Cars will be diverted completely away from dawson street kildare street nassau and westland row. Route B has the least impact on buses because all the bus routes will CROSS the tram line , not run alongside it.

Pearse street is set for a radical change anyway and having the tram run along it would allow it to be a new shopping street which dublin really needs.
It connects with the Dart.

The new bridge is a bad bad idea. but running the tram line along D’Olier street is a good idea, since the Irish Times is relocating. D’Olier street could also see a new lease of life.

Keeping O’Connell street uncluttered is a point well made but the tram could turn left or right onto Abbey Street.

Route B finally ends the Trinity Effect where everything to the east of the College is dead by comparison with College Green.

The tram can’t service route A properly so why not do something different ? Route B really is very very good , EXCEPT that ugly extra bridge.

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