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@Morlan wrote:

Luas down Grafton is NEVER going to happen. It’s the most important retail street/public space in Ireland. The affect on businesses there would be disastrous.

I’m sure anyone living in Dublin would agree.

I agree that it simply couldn’t be allowed to happen if it were an on-street arrangement.

Though I’ve never understood why it could not be built down Grafton Street under the street.
Step 1: Dig up 50-100 metres of the street, moving the utilities to the side.
Step 2: Cover over this section so that work on track preparation can continue along this section under the street.
Step 3: repeat step 1 on the next 50-100 metre section of the street;
Step 4: repeat step 2.

Repeat these steps as long as is necessary.

The advantage of this would be that it would give the most direct route – no need for awkward corners at the top and bottom of Dawson Street or conflicts with buses and other traffic in this area. No more than 50-100 metres of Grafton Street need be affected at any one time. However, it would be more expensive.

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