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What you need to remember about the 1975 DRTS plan was that it comprised two lines and not one; the first East West Line did go through Dame Street (Temple Bar Square) which I will come back to but also the second Line had a station at Fitzwilliam Square which would have extended a five minute walk to three sides of Stephens Green and as far as Harcourt Street etc.

The context of the Dame Street station was that most of Temple Bar was to be flattened and a modern central station built in its place behind the Central Bank; thankfully the Group of 91 with Haughey’s help ended the Bus station permanently and the area regenerated into the Heritage rich, low density Temple of Bars that we see today.

If the Five minute walk principal were applied the main office and retail districts are pretty much covered from the Dart Network once it goes to Stephens Green; however what is not covered in one change is the Green Luas Line to integrate with the North Inner City or Red Luas Line.

Join the dots…….

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