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Up to about 1990 all of the financial management industry was located within walking distance of the Stock Exchange on Anglesea St; the numerous law practices that supported them were also within the area between Fleet St and Wicklow Street.

When the markets went to electronic trading based in the IFSC most of the buildings became vacant, then the tax code changed to make apartment and hotel building / conversion the most atttractive option and the area’s character changed. Other than the central bank there are no large office employers in that area.

Contrast that to Stephens Green where numerous developments have taken place in the interim and a picture starts to build.

However one does not need to get bogged down in my office district is bigger than yours. What needs to decide this is a designing a system that is predicated on 5-8 minute walking times from the station entrance to serve as many areas as is possible i.e. not building too many stations on top of each other but linking the last kilometer in the busiest section by tram.

Taking the alternative stations for College Green

Christchurch – 5 minutes
Tara Sreet – 5 minutes

Taking the alternative stations for Stephens Green

Christchurch – 8/10 minutes
Pearse Stn – 6/8 minutes

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