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@what? wrote:

The photo is of an old building on Pearse St beside HJLyons old offices. on the side facing onto a lane.

I have also seen them on the side of a Georgian bldg underpass from what I think is Quinn’s Lane onto Upper Pembroke St.

I was thinking they could have some protective function for carts etc. but they are too high off the ground.

Magennis Place, I think it is. The sister-in-law used to have a studio down there. The Quinn’s Lane (?) ones don’t ring a bell.

Re carts, the only protective feature I know of related to them is the ‘wheel guard’ or ‘jostle stone’- conical, cylindrical or octagonal (though never hexagonal, as far as I’m aware) stones at each side of the entrance to a laneway (and occasionally along the length of a laneway), designed to protect the corners of the flanking buildings from tight-turning vehicles.

I suspect the lumps in question are the ends of tie-bars or somesuch, but why so many of them…? Maybe it’s time for a stroll.

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