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That McCarthy Development’s Student Accomodation at Bishopstown looks like some terrible planning. It’s analagous to the inspired decision to build student accomodation at the train station. The train station!!!! thats pretty much as far as you can be away from UCC/CIT and still be in Cork CIty.
Plus, building over Sports facilities is pretty dodgy territory.

Does anyone know what Leaders on North Main Street are up to? They seem to be fitting out that long vacant shop close to their larger store. All property owned by the company on the street is in need of a facelift. Lets hope thats what they are up to.

There was an interesting article on the Evening Echo on Saturday talking about a lifting bridge at Water Street area. Apparently CCC are in the very early stages of assessing its viability. They had an interesting image of what it might look like. Not sure of the source of the image. Any details?
On a related topic, Werdna’s Water street project will be given the thumbs up/down next Monday.

I have heard on the grapevine that Frinailla’s development on Watercourse road (Ladys Well), which was granted permission after a long, drawn out planning process by CCC, will almost definately be appealled to ABP. This will further lengthen the already elongated process.

Next Wednesday (20th) is the closing date for entries to the Kyrls Quay Architectural Design Competition run by CCC/CORK2005/RIAI.
I’ve been lucky enough to view a number of the entries and there is some excellent work there. I think, most importantly, that the general public, will be more than happy with the designs and most will also please the architecture critics 🙂
Expect the results to be made available sometime in late May.

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