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Hi all,
Fascinating thread, especially for someone in exile. Fantastic work by Lexington and others in keeping everyone up to date.

I have no background in architecture etc. However, would it not be hugely beneficial to a city like Cork if there were more buildings like the Crawford Gallery extension. It would be great if the powers-that-be were more controversial than conservative. Build a whole tourism industry around the architecture of the city. This would draw in huge numbers of toursits and investors. Instead, every scheme seems to be reigned back by mediocrity. Anybody familiar with the Ray Stata building in MIT in Boston?
Imagine something like that on one of the quays in Cork, or as the new school of music.The madder the better, I reckon. If it was up to me, there wouldnt be a square building in the city.

I know that narrow mided residents’ objections are to blame for alot of the mediocrity we see. But how big a factor is cost in all of these things?

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