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🙂 Frinailla Developments today outlined their intentions for their sites on the Watercourse Road, Blackpool in the local media. As mentioned in one of my previous posts – Frinailla have dramatically scaled back their project – which in its original 7-storey, 70m euro incarnation was refused by both CCC and ABP. The new proposal cites a development of 153 residential units, with a landmark library, new Garda Station, medical centre, new retail units, supermarket, creche etc. The development will be predominantly 3-storeys in height and provide 100 underground parking spaces. Global Properties and FML will handle sales. John Paul Construction are signed to be main contractors. An application will be lodged soon with CCC. Depending on a decision due date – completion of the project will take 2 years. A decision is currently in the waiting for Frinailla to demolish the existing structures on site and commence sub-surface investigations – something which has proven rewarding for the development company at their Grand Parade Plaza development site. These excavations may affect the development commencement date also.

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