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2. The deadline for final proposal submissions has been extended for March 24th 2005 until April 29th 2005 – as predicted. This is to allow some developers who approached the OPW get their projects into planning. This could mean a few new large-scale proposals headed for Navigation House in the coming weeks – but I can’t say. McCarthy Developments, O’Callaghan Properties and O’Flynn Construction have all approached the OPW and been approached in return. I am also told a very prime city centre site – the subject of many former planning applications – is also set to see a new application placed on it by its developer/owner. It possesses a very attractive location from the Revenue Commissioners perspective. The Sullivans Quay building will be set for either redevelopment or refurbishment – although the latter seems improbable given the substantial subsidence issues related to the current structure.

Thanks a lot for the information, I’ve lived near that ugly monstrosity for a long while now, would be great to see it replaced by something better. Only stumbled across this site around a week ago, took a long time to get through this thread!

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