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>>>>And many and most of you will be delighted to hear that FINALLY, Bus Eireann, CCC and Cork Business Association have agreed to remove the Portacabin on Patrick’s Street currently serving as the Inspector’s/Information Station for local bus routes. A new purpose-built street kiosk in-keeping with the new street-scape is to be provided as a tasteful replacement. The location along Patrick’s Street has yet to be determined.<<<<

Good Lord – why are taxis and that vile bus-hut allowed to dominate Patrick Street? The taxis were offloaded to Academy St but refused to stay there. The number of new taxi ranks on Pana is unreal, they are an eyesore and should be limited.

As for the bus hut, wasn’t that due to be housed in the refurbished bus station? That means we still have to look at them boiling their plastic kettle in the middle of our state-of-the-art main street.

Sorry for ranting, but they seem to have a divine right to Pana.

On another note, the revamped Emmet Place – there is a ‘no parking at any time’ sign outside ‘Marble & Lemon’, but there is ALWAYS at least 2 cars there. Does anyone care?

Lex, any potential timeframe for MP extension to include M&S? Thanks for your regular inputs, very informative.

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