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check out the ida website and specifically the investment announcements…
over 50% are for jobs in the greater dublin region!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anything with finance is automatically directed towards dublin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live in Dublin but do not want to live here… and I think I speak for at least half of the ‘culchies’ living in Dublin (in fact I shall soon be relocating to Paris :)) why would anyone want to live in Dublin. the place is a hole and I for one am counting the days until I leave the place.

@Leesider wrote:

ah come now……wasn’t it our esteemed Taoiseach who said just last week that he can’t help it if most people want to live in the greater dublin area! it has to be true if it came from Bertie!

that Bus Eireann ad in the examiner yesterday was also fairly pathetic!![/QUOTE]

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