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“Can no project just go through the Local Authority? “
“people’s respect for Local Authority decisions?”

Lexington, you and i both know that CCC have made some disasterous cock-ups over the years. We’ll all be thankful to ABP when CCC drops the ball again.

“Frinailla’s Ladyswell project along the Watercourse Road is currently in Further Information at the moment. Its a highly positive and substantial development – but of course, as always, Kathleen Lynch (Labour) et al are throwing objections up like a bat on laxatives. Purely political of course.”
In fairness to Kathleen Lynch et al, who i’ve dealt with once or twice, the first proposal for this site scared the crap out of local residents, Frinailla brought this trouble on themselves by pushing too hard. The residents are a hell of a lot more suspicious now.
And even you have to admit, that Frinailla’s first offer at this site was diabolical.
Lexington, since you seem to know a scary amount about the planning process, do you have any info on what the new Archives building in Blackpool will look like? I’ve tried CCC for info, to no avail. Can you help? Thanks, keep up the good work.

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