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As regards the hotel at MP, Hilton Hotels were confirmed during the summer.Speculated tenants at Ballincollig were listed by lexington in an earlier post, I cant remember who exactly, but it was a well recognised chain.
As for ucc the it campus cleared the planning several months ago, however, Im not sure if it’s development is a priority right now with the coolege, with the development of the new pharmacy building and the Brookfield campus. A recent publication regarding the future development needs of ucc didnt mention the immediate development of this site, which i found surprising, but that’s not to say it wont happen soon, im really not all that sure.I do know that there has been minor activity around the greyhound stadium, with minor clearing works, nothing substantial though.
For anyone in the know, are there plans to develop Custom House Quay?Along what lines?The right development of this site would really create an impressive quayside from lapps quay.

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