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The boardwalk will be the work of Howard Holdings as part of the city quarter and will go ahead.

As usual I’ve got little to add but lots of questions:
Any dates expected on their Albert Quay announcement. When will the redevelopment of city hall begin?
Any links to the recent statements by O’C P in relation to the 6k seater event centre?
Which hotel groups should we expect for Mahon Point and Ballincollig?
Any progress with UCC’s new ICT Centre of Excellence at the old greyhound stadium?

A mate of mine is working on the archaeological dig at the Frinilla site. Work is progressing nicely and there have been some excellent finds at this site which will go on view at the newly expanded museum. In my estimation these kind of artefacts should be exhibited at the Church (St. Peter’s?) on North Main Street. The museum should in Fitzgerald’s park should have a sister site in the city centre and this would be the perfect choice. Any opinions on the restoration job at this site??? In my opinion this site is totally underused.

In relation to Cornmarket Street there have already been excavation works, and the finds have been excellent so we should expect a protracted dig at this site. I’m all for progress but archaeology is very important and these ventures should be given great respect.

@theblimp wrote:

With regard to Eglington Street, while in general I welcome the modernity of the development, I’m slightly surprised by the ‘slightness’ of the main tower. Perhaps it will look better in reality, but having viewed the visuals, I found it less substantial than expected. It appears very thin and overtly angular. Compare for example, with the Clarion in Limerick. While this high-rise is far from excellent, it does appear more modern and ‘substantial’ than the Eglington Street ‘gateway’ building. Speaking of Clarion, now that the veil has started to come off the Cork Clarion and the lady is beginning to show her face, I must say that she will make an attractive addition to the city. I also hope that they maintain their commitment to develop an active boardwalk area at the front of same.

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