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Lexington (or any others who are in the know) Do you know if there are any residential developments on the horizon in Cloheen. I understand that one or two large land holdings have been sold in the area recently. Any ideas on what if anything is planned for this area?

Do you mean Clogheen? North of the city?

The 2 large land holdings I believe you may be discussing are the 36.8 acres on the Kerry Pike Road before Mackey’s Cross at Mount Desert, sold by Global Properties. That land was sold as ‘agricultural’ and is zoned within a strictly guarded Green Belt by Cork County Council. It won’t be possible to develop anything other than a possible owner-occupier single dwelling on the site unless the land is rezoned. The proposed new 500m euro North Ring Motorway is proposed to run nearby at Kerry Pike – so unless this alters the zoning of the area, no developments are planned, certainly not in the immediate future. The land had a guide price of 500,000 euros and sold for 608,000 euros.

The other land holding is the 70 acres nearby the aforementioned, sold by CCM Property. This too is agricultural land, and no plans exist for the site – other than a letting to a local farmer for rent of 5,000euros p.m. The land went for in excess of 850,000euros.

– another site, near Clogheen Church, managed spectacularly to gain planning for a small, low-key dwelling (apartment) development, however the site comes within a residential cluster area – and it was successfully argued that it does not strictly conform to Green Belt zoning conditions. This scenario certainly could not be debated for the other 2 sites already mentioned.

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