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I’m a musician,teacher and music facilitater (run courses promote music), and hope that someone out there can possibly help me.
I’m looking for a vacant space,warehouse,building,in which to use throughout the year for various music,youth & arts projects.
I have, in the past consulted with the Cork Arts Council with regard to running and managing a space for them -a rehearsal room for musicians,of all ages.this is badly needed as there is a hugh struggling music in cork at the moment and as the privately financed rehearsal space in blackpool (sunbeam) burnt down.the CAC wasted about 9 months of my time only to U-turn on their own project saying that to pay money on a rental space was a waste of money.2005plc. have also been inundated with proposals for a multi-tasking space to nurture and promote inovation in art – their stance on this was to brush it off stating that it’s not their job to do such (even though they commissioned someone to audit every potential space as one of their first jobs,a document that as far as I know is not in the public domain!)
So,why am I here…
feeling disinfranchised by those who have the power to at least facilitate the finding of a suitable building (etc.),I’m hopeing that if not just for the year thats in it,we can make it happen ourselves.Who’s “we” you may ask? …well anyone who would like to be help with a sugestion,to get involved,who’d like there to be somewhere for their children to learn,play /practise /listen to live music,(adults also welcome!)If you havn’t heard yet the “WE” is getting bigger and WE’re getting organised- check out
…and what am I looking for …
to start with,just suggestions on where to look,who to talk to,maybe you know of idle buildings waiting for planning etc.
Ideally a building/warehouse near the city center,low rental/lease,available for at least 9 months (all we need is to prove it can work,so we can look for grants,sponsorship and private investment),we will cover insurance,no structural alterations will be needed.
in case you think I’m a chancer,yes I am!but I’ve a history in academics and management in london and this needs to happen !
thanks to theblimp for suggesting this thread
please post to

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