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often thought a bit more tree planting on the quays in Cork might be in order. Not great big Plane trees but something more suitable. Might be useful to hide stuff like Merchants Quay. Speaking of the Quays, the Gate Cinema was quite good but the apartments just above them are pretty dissapointing

I very much agree – the quays should be tree-lined more in Cork, it’s a small but powerful addition to any city-scape. Merchants Quay most especially could do with it. However, I do know strategic plans for the MQ/St Patrick’s Quay area are in line for major redevelopment (St. Patrick’s Quay has for some time been due redevelopment for the St. Patrick’s Quay frontage of the Everyman Palace – plans are in the drawing room) and riverside walkways. A new pedestrian bridge is planned between MQ and St. Patrick’s Quay as part of the City Development Plan 2004. A boardwalk will extend along both quays – one of the plan aims includes ‘complimentary tree-linining additions’.

– As for the apartments over the Gate Multiplex, ‘box central’ – how utterly distasteful. I’ve always maintained my opinion of their unsightly nature – and its far from favourable.

sw101 – I assume that’s the 80,000sq ft Kennedy Quay site you’re referring to??? If so, offers in excessive of 4m euro were being heard on initial offering. My understanding is that this has been dramatically readjusted upward. I expect a final sale prices in or excess of 6m euros – but I could be wrong, I can’t really predict how bidders will go. :confused:

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