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some of the walkway will be through the irish distillers site on the north mall with a bridge connecting with the land adjacent to the cricket grounds. There will be a boardwalk but only in the city centre.
BTW, a competition was recently launced to find a winning design for Kyrls quay. It is probably best to put a catalan flag with your entry 😉

Any one see the article in last fridays examiner in relation to the government looking for a new site in Cork… the article mentioned that the government is looking to relocate to a 100,000 sq ft. office development, preferrably in the docklands. Any proposed deal will probably include the existing offices on sullivans quay… surely someone in here knows more… lex???

@anto wrote:

Sounds good, Lee fields is fantastic green lung that almost comes into the city. Are they pinching some land off Pres, the Criket club, the Mardyke etc. Or a kinda boardwalk along side them? Good to hear they’re investing in cycle lanes too. Cork will be like Amsterdam, has the water, bridges all it’s missing is the bucycles and the Coffee shops

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