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Maybe when the Main drainage scheme is finished (when?) the Lee will become more attractive, it won’t be the open sewer it was heretofore. No wonder Cork turned its back on the river!

It’s true that money needs to be spent on the Quays, look at the Campshire in Dublin for example. There was some plan for a wallk to link the quays to Fitzgerald park at one stage. Unfortunately some of the heavisest traffic goes along the Quays, probably worse since some was taken off Patricks street. I wonder has the amount of traffic coming into the city fallen since the tunnel was built, as was promised and no doubt those pushing the new orbital route are promising the same. Some how i doubt it. Probaly more suburbanites driving in.

Cork needs to spend more upgrading the quays and putting in more cycle lanes. There wasn’t many of these when i lived there (2000)a ny more since? But does it have the money?

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