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Bunch – I agree, I have no desire for Cork’s quaysides to turn out like Limericks have, ie. with no character whatsoever. They have done a good job in transforming it from what it was, but like you say, there is too much use of red brick, flat roofs etc., buildings characteristic of the early, rushed stages of the celtic tiger, basically where any change was good, which in the future we will look back on with the same disdain we have for 1970’s architecture, I’m afraid. That is why I consider Cork’s late blossoming in terms of deveopment as being a blessing in disguise, we have the chance to learn from past mistakes, and to better realise what will stand the test of time, and add to the city now and in the future. We have undoubtedly been guilty of these mistakes in Cork too, I look around at so many buildings of the last 10-15 years which i would tear down without a second thought, merchant’s quay like you say, and it just seems like such a waste of time, resources, and development potential to waste. Another concern of mine, is the role the city council take in the quayside redevelopment – it’s fine for the developers to put in place modern new buildings which look great – but what about the actual quays themselves? They are crumbling and decaying, and totally neglected, despite being our most vital asset. They really are in disgraceful repair, and it is about time that a plan is put in place to integrate their renewal with the renewal of the inlying preoperties. Shandon street bridge is perhaps a start, even though i have my doubts about the haphazard entrance from the coal quay. What howard holdings are undertaking should be encouraged on a more general scale, this being their development of riverside boardwalk etc, and i do note several other proposals which contain similar plans, but as there is SO much quayside we can’t rely on random piecemeal refurbishments to suffice. Now that Patrick Street and the city centre have had their facelifts, I am hoping something significant will be done to reclaim the quays.

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