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phatman, i agree about the north quays east & downriver from Patrick’s bridge – its a complete mess as is merchants quay + andersons quay also. i also agree that the riverside potential will take a long time to be realised – that is because there is so much quayside within the city (even excluding docklands).

but the city has traditionally ignored + abused the riverside context – one way traffic systems for example – eg popes quay is almost destroyed – its a broad quay and effectively has 2 lane road activity in one direction – compare it with what is one of the city’s most attractive and succesful quaysides – the north mall – narrow quayside with 2 way traffic – no problem.

some new developments of late are beginning to re-address the quays and about time – lavitts quay, lapps quay for eg, but there should be a very focussed planning framework for the river – a quayside or river action plan or design ‘guide’.

also, i wouldnt be too keen on using limerick’s riverside developments as a model – its very poor in my opinion – all that red brick should be thrown in the shannon

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