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I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that – there’s more to that than you may think. I was talking with a certain Ballincollig dentist today who denies a sale with Brown Thomas (as I said it was most probable at the time – but I never confirmed it because I was unsure – the rumour was started by staff who had been let go from Scotts) – but does mention a management and ‘investor’ restructuring with relation to the bar. Paul and Edmund may still be behind it chiefly but their share in the bar has been reduced via sale – this has probably raised some of the capital toward their new refurbishment plan. There are also more details in the text but I’m told they will be made known at some stage in the future – I’ll let you know when I can, or when/if it is made public. (Just remember, the Irish Examiner don’t exactly have a great track record on these things either – I refer you to the Mahon Point/Evening Echo incident of many posts ago).


🙂 XCES Developments Ltd are scheduled to lodge an application with Cork County Council by the end of the week for a 200m euro Kinsale Golf Resort development over a 620-acre site. Hyatt will operate a 200-bedroom hotel, which will compliment an 18-hole golf course, 500 seat event hall and associated works. The development will take 3 years to complete subject to planning.

🙂 Kilquane Ltd (Howard Holdings) have lodged an application with CCC for the placement of a 12m sculpture on Lapps Quay as part of their City Quarter development. The sculpture will be placed outside the Clarion Hotel – (see previous related posts).

🙂 The Southern Health Board (SHB) have lodged an amendment to their planned, 6-storey, 75m euro cardiac /renal facility planned for CUH – the amendments predominantly concern cladding issues.

😮 Jurys Redevelopment decision due tomorrow – fingers crossed!

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