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@Davids wrote:

In Wicklow’s case as just mentioned, all grants for planning permission to build rural dwellings have Section 47 occupancy restrictions attached. In brief, the dwelling cannot be sold until after a minimum period of at least 10years of occupancy by the applicant.
Similar restrictions are attached for other counties.

For you info, according to the DoEHLG annual stats Wicklow accounted for just 3% of S.47 agreements in 2006. That is 80 agreements, Taking what you are saying as gospel then one could assume that only 80 rural dwellings were granted permission in Wicklow last year. Yet the CSO stats tell us there were 81 grants one off houses in the first quarter of 2007. In short I would be extremely sceptical about your assertion that all permissions to build rural dwellings in Wicklow have S.47 agreements attached.

By the way Cork Co. accounted for 57% or 1,234 of S.47 agreements for 2006

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