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c) I elect not to embarrass myself by attempting a reply. Your question indicates I’ll probably get it wrong anyway.:)

a) Very few buildings are ever really beyond help. The question is where do we draw the line beyond which intervention is pointless, whether by virture of cost, future usability, etc. I agree that thre is little point in protecting buildings if they’re left to rot, but that’s one of the main reasons for protecting things in the first place- to prevent neglect and deterioration. A PS owner has a duty of care towards their building, which, if not exercised, can result in them being forced to do so or risk having the building taken away. In theory. In practice there are few instances of this happening. I know of only one, but I’m not sure how public it is (sorry to be evasive).
This debate again comes down to the fact that the conservation system generally is under-resourced. If sufficient grants were available I’d hazard that there would be fewer eyesores and carcasses.
Your point “why have an such a vast RPS if little is done about great buildings like this until it is too late” is a good one. Eventually the RPS might risk becoming meaningless if it’s shown not to have teeth.

b) Sometimes the elements can be enough. Indeed, sometimes it’s only the elements that are protected. And sometimes the reasons for protection have nothing at all to do with the physical appearance of the building.

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