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@Griff wrote:

Seriously – its not going to happen – no matter how its packaged you will never sell it .. the best that might be achieved is bringing in the estates close to Corbally – and that would be very difficult I think… I wonder what the results of a poll of the residents would reveal..if they were asked if they wanted to be part of the city ?.. or has this already been done ?

But it is part of the city. This terroritial ego crap has got to stop. For christ sake like.

It’s part of the city. Clare country council shouldn’t be managing the urban area that naturally extends into Clare. Parteen and Corbally should be under the administration of the city. Since 99percent of the people live, commute and work in the city and surrounding area. If we dont get off this terroritial BS, the city will further be abused in a doughnut fashion.

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