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I was just wondering about a slightly related point.

The new N18 tunnel that will link up to the Cork/Kerry road, does anyone know if that would be inside or outside the proposed new city boundary, or is it indeed inside the current city boundary?

And also who is going to get the toll that will be placed on the tunnel: Limerick City Council, Limerick County Council, Clare County Council, the NRA, or the company that built the tunnel?

I think the final decision on the boundary, aside from the arguments about the GAA and South-East Clare “natives”, will come down to mere economics. Limerick county council presides over almost all of the retail developments that ring the city, and would surely not relinquish the substantial income that comes with them lightly. Likewise Clare Co. Co. are unlikely to give up potential revenue from their side of the city.

A good indicator of the city’s true profile is the origin of it’s secondary school students. The majority of students from the clare areas in question actually go to school in Limerick city, where the catchment area reaches as far as Cratloe. Should Limerick city’s schools be burdened with students whose families pay their dues to Clare authorities?

Limerick City will never flourish unless it is given control of its environs, that’s where the money is. Otherwise it is just a council with its whole arm in the dyke, hoping that someone will show up and get help.

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