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The kiosk at Jurys came to prominence in 1990 when it sold for a whopping IR90,000 or roughly the price of a three storey house in Ranelagh or Rathgar at that time. Obviously there were two very silly people at that auction, it resold sometime 1999-2000 and did not acheive a ridiculous price 2nd time out, it sold on a yield of about 3.5-4%, which given the hassle free nature of the investment wasn’t too far off.

Re: The bollards, accidents will happen given attitudes to drink driving and I suppose we shouls given our toleration of one expect the other. What really annoys me is the length of time it can often take to clean up the glass from the cars afterwards, especially in locations like Stephens Green where the glass is a hazard to both pedestrians and cyclists.

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