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Yes, it does sort of do that (unintentionally). And it shouldn’t have…a monolith centrepiece building was not called for here!!
It breaks the hierarchy of scale between O’Connell Street and the Quays. The 5-storey WSC’s buildings of Lr. O’Connell Street returned onto the Quays for 9 bays each, before dropping to 4 stories – and this hierarchy was maintained in the post-1916 reconstruction…..The new thing should of course have kept the parapet height of Eden Qy., whatever about a setback storey…..Grrrr! I’m annoyed now! More erosion of Dublin’s design!!!

Here’s the building that was there before the previous laughter lounge – the Corinthian Cinema. You can see that, although a flashy building, it kept the parapet:

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