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I know the feeling!!! making this my last as well!

Well that’s one good thing about the Eden Qy boardwalk – it will be a good place to lounge on the hand rail & enjoy the Corn Exchange, which though north-facing gets a lot of sunshine from late afternoon onwards in spring & summer. And especially since the Georgian house on its east flank has been restored to reveal its granite-arched shopfront (which was hidden behind a single storey wall). This is a great & underrated Dublin setpiece; the massive 2-storey granite Corn Exchange with matching red brick 4-storey houses to either side, with arched shopfronts.

But a load of jerry-built rubbish was piled up behind this in the ‘90s…the argument was that the skyline of the Corn Exchange, as seen from Eden Quay, was already lost because of Hawkins House on Poolbeg St. 🙁 🙂

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