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:rolleyes: Riga Limited (O’Callaghan Properties and Jurys Doyle Group) today submitted a Further Information and Development Revision application to CCC – even though no formal Further Info request was issued. This marks the third unsolicited submission of Further Info from Riga Ltd, but the most significant. The move is a further response by O’Callaghan Properties to ease some of the many troubles the application for Jurys has received – as reported in previous posts.

The new revisions are being made to ease the concerns of many objectors. Among the revisions being made are: a reduction of apartment numbers from 303 to 277. The reduction in height of 3 blocks – two from 6 to 4 storeys and one from 6 to 3 storeys. And the movement of the Jurys Hotel element 6m south,

The 9 storey block, height of Jurys Hotel (6 storeys), access bridges and height of 2 other blocks will remain. Though I acknowledge this move as one designed to address objection concerns – the revisions are another shiny example of how Cork will end up with a reduced quality of development based on petty local outlooks.

The alterations will reduce the architectural consistency of the development – a point An Taisce even made,


I had a look at the revised proposal and I suspect the height reductions were made for 3 reasons – to allow a view of the cathedral from 3 points that is at least as good as that at the moment, to reduce overlooking of St Aloysius and to improve the quantity of south light into the apartment courtyards. The hotel hasn’t physically moved, rather a 6m setback from the southern boundary has been requested. There are no “bridges” in the scheme. Although this scheme will undoubtedly still go to appeal, the revisions made are relatively minor given that they effect the “rear” of the development. The impact of the scheme to Lancaster quay remains undiminished. Whilst I share the disappointment that local denizens have effected the scheme, I feel confident that it still represents a strong statement.

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