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Yep, God’s Architect details the project. Tricky to get hold of now, but I think I recall seeing a copy in the Irish Architectural Archive. The building itself was quite dynamic, comprised of layered and cantilevered cast concrete if I remember correctly.

It seems McGrath never quite got over the ditching of his concert hall, especially with it being one of the last in a long list of shelved projects. When you consider the illustrious career he had in London and the UK before coming to Dublin, it must have been quite disheartening to see Ireland, and thus his career, stagnate for his term of office (right up to 1968). Surely he would have pulled out sooner had he known what lay ahead? It must have been even more frustrating to have his spectacular talent languish at a time when Britain was booming after the War. At least we have many of his modest improving projects and restorations to appreciate, but if ever there was a case of a caged bird, this was surely one of them.

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