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I wonder sometimes when I read this PVC window thread: It seems to me that there are other far more damaging, permanent interventions in the Irish Landscape: at a Planning Scale: one off housing, awful tract semi-d housing, lack of bike paths etc and in terms of “architecture” (in the loosest sense): PVC fascias and soffits, concrete footpaths all round houses, destruction of hedgerows, bungalows and suburban housing in the countryside etc. etc. Sometimes it seems to me that PVC windows seem the least of our worries – they aren’t going to last very long anyway ( say 20 years?) and if legislation were put in place, it would be possible to force their reinstatement at some stage in the future.

Though I have to admit the PVC windows in that neo-gothic are as difficult to look at as Sly Stallone’s mother.

What does anyone else think? Is this PVC thing simply a small scale “winnable” battle, so people don’t focus on the horror of Irish “architecture”?

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