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I only vaguely remember these in real life, though often looked with interest at that exact image you posted Devin by O’Brien with the lamp standards etc.

Here’s a close-up of the entrance 🙂

Were they original Victorian railings to the right?
As for the lampposts, it’s a great pity they were removed; they created a grand entrance for the station, now sadly nothing but a crudely gouged gaping hole in the facade, leading in turn to a manky dungeon of a foyer 🙁
Often wondered what happened to the posts – saw a couple of similar ones a few years ago lying down the back at Pearse Station, maybe it was them…

As for the windows of Connolly, thank goodness they weren’t replaced down through the years, though as said before larger facades tended not to be touched as it was simply too expensive :rolleyes:
Connolly has transitional sashes that are very unusual in Ireland, though common as anything in the UK. As the station dates from c1845, the windows marginally pre-date the mass introduction of larger sheet glass but it’s possible it uses it as the odd house out in Dun Laoghaire from this time seem to feature it.

Pic here of one of them newly restored from a while back:

Also often wondered if they are iron windows in use at the top of the terminating towers of the building?

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