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I checked out the Wynn’s windows myself too since Monty mentioned them….was reasonably impressed, although as with all double-glazed multi-pane sashes, the glazing bars skim over the surface of the glass, resulting in a slightly fake look. But at least they have copied the V-shaped sectional profile on the outside, formed by the putty in a traditional sash.

Better if older sashes can be repaired where possible, but when an old lady like Wynn’s needs to maintain its profile in an age of international hotel, leisure & conference complexes, I suppose you can’t complain. In contrast, the sashes in the stone warehouse above could and should have been repaired, or if they really were beyond repair should have had accurate replicas made. There was definitely a slip up there! 🙁

The glazing bars in the pink houses seem to be over-thin. Not even in the 1790s peak of slenderness have I seen such thin bars!

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