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Yes it does – admittedly it is difficult to work out exactly what shows a lack of interest in the architecture of one’s home, and what just shows poor taste 🙂
But in general I do think that most people do not stand back, quite literally, from their home and view it objectively, as a newcomer to their street or area would, also taking onto account their surroundings etc.
The decorative order of their properties generally seems to be the primary concern, rather than the architecture or structure of the building.

I mean a classic is the arched window – why do people insist on botching up a natural curve with a rectangular opening. What is the point of even having a curve?

Okay these are replacement windows – but even in brand new homes where curved windows are installed, they’re fitted out with rectagular opening lights. This is an architectural issue, not just an insignificant decorative matter.
Window design is so important in most of our buildings, and whether it should be the case or not, they are generally the primary architectural feature of interest, yet only too often scant attention is paid to their design, in new builds even more so than period properties: at least with them there is a template to follow.

Look at this trash in Dundalk, inserted into a terrace of late 19th century houses – have the people no eyes in their head? Really, this type of blatent ignorance just beggars belief. Even the cheapest of the cheap hinged softwood windows would have looked a million times better than this rubbish.
There is poor taste, and there’s ugly.

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