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STEEL WINDOWS are my motivation for joining this discussion group! I’ve been ‘lurking’ on this thread for over a year, totally agreeing with the horror expressed about inappropriate PVC windows, but mostly looking for info on restoring/maintaining 1960s steel windows. I’ve inherited a 60s semi in Dublin and I want to keep the facade as it was when built, which means keeping the extremely chilly steel windows [ice on the inside of the window of my bedroom when I was a child is my ‘You young folk don’t know how lucky you are/Ni beidh ar leitheid aris ann’ trump card:o], and installing secondary glazing.
I was hoping someone in this thread had come across a company or tradesperson who could do a good job of restoring and painting steel windowframes. I haven’t seen any such recommendation, and so I’m putting a request out there.
Also, not many window companies seem to do secondary glazing, and the one quote I had was very expensive.
Any leads on either of these problems would be much appreciated, and you can bask in the knowledge that you may have helped save an endangered species: the suburban steel window!

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