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Indeed here is one of Hope’s advertisements from 1958, extolling their experience through their fit-out of a major state office building outside Birmingham.

Presumably most steel frames were imported to Ireland.

The casements extend outwards so beautifully – strong but light, they allow almost uninterrupted views and a flood of light into the room.

They are supported on trademark external hinges that protrude to the sides of the frame, here seen on a bay window.

Top-opening lights also feature external hinges, however all opening parts are remarkably discreet as a result.

A charming feature of these windows is the consideration of the 1950’s housewife and her net curtains – you can see these studs have been provided to support the lines 🙂

Of course steel windows are not without their problems – indeed these frames suffer from various structural problems that essentially make them unusable anymore. As one might imagine, the armatures have seized up in places, while the casements and top lights are now so tight as to make opening or closing them a near impossibility. It took two hands and half my body weight to open the above casement, and about five minutes to close it again! Ironically they offer fantastic security as they ‘mature’! There’s also substantial degrading paintwork, and extensive rusting to the interior due to condensation. These windows were not galvanized. The joys of period steel frames.

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