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But of course it is, it goes without saying – but on the ground, in practice, if all companies refused to install replcement windows into period or listed buildings there wouldn’t be a problem. That’s naturally in an ideal world, but the fact that they’re out promoting and encouraging the practice to gullible consumers makes them the primary culprits on the ground.

I’m sure if homeowners were aware of how well sash windows work when fully operational – how if anything they’re more flexible than modern-day equivalents, can last longer, can be double-glazed if necessary, and perform as well if not better in some instances than the product being promoted to them, not to mention the now-widespread availablity of window restoration/replacement – that they would make the informed decision to avoid these companies, this practice and this material by a mile.
It is frustrating to see them taking people in like this, and wrecking the built environment for the rest of us in the process.

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