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‘Conserve A Sash’, I want to give this example of a glazing bar type that is beginning to be seen a lot and ask you what you think:

No. 6 Capel Street (seen at the end of the block, above) had some funny windows on the first floor until recently. But they’ve now been replaced with 2-over-2 sashes as on the upper floors, a welcome measure to improve the design unity of the façade and the terrace as a whole.

But unfortunately the new windows (above) have the thick, clumsy glazing bar you associate with sub-divided, double-glazed sashes, and it jars with the slender bars of the existing old windows on the upper floors imo. A small thing perhaps, but they’re becoming quite common. Can this glazing bar in double-glazing be improved upon in your opinion, or, as joyce from Bolgers/Ventrolla maintains, it would be better to stick with single glazing; there are options which are just as efficient as double-glazing?

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