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I am not sure if these questions have been raised on this thread before, so if they have I apologise. Firstly, why is this happening? Do window companies advise that PVC windows are the best option? Is it a cost thing? Is it a trend? Most people using this discussion forum can spot the difference between these windows and the sashes that they are replacing a mile off, but do people installing them really think that because they have a piece of plastic dividing a window into 12 sections that they are in keeping with the buildings historical character?

How can councils approach this issue. Is it up to people who care to complain when it happens. If people living in a listed building suddenly change their windows to PVC, is it up to a neighbor to write an objection? In many cases this could cause more trouble than it is worth, so people might be less likely to object. Is it up to a designated person in each council to approach these issues?

For example, last year Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown Co Co had a public exhibition about the various window styles of the borough. It was a good exhibition and detailed some of the problems of PVC and aluminium windows in the context of older houses. Meanwhile, two houses on a listed terrace (Charlemont Terrace), two minutes walk from the Council offices, ripped out their sashes and replaced them with PVC. Nothing was said, nothing was done and they are still there now.

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