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Similarly the massive white PVC frame inserted into the Venetian window of the National Museum is also still there with no sign of movement – it looks horrendous

i don’t know that one – sounds awful. Would be worth sticling a pic up here ………..


Do most people know Athenry? I was only there for the first time (in memory) recently. It’s a ‘Heritage Town’, as you are unambiguously reminded on the way in. But from Athenry it can be deduced that the word ‘Heritage’ in Ireland means castles, churches, friaries and other stone-ruiny bits & bobs (as there is lots of that there), but does not extend to the predominantly 18th & 19th century buildings that form the streets of our towns, because almost every building in this town has been mucked up – PVC and all the usual – to a really shocking extent. A shame, because it has an attractive narrow medieval street-plan in the centre.

There’s a maniac at large in Athenry, as this type of pointing is on a few different buildings.
(Love the ‘native’ shutters too)

Finally, I came across a group of buildings in the centre which, though vacant, hadn’t been messed around with, still having slate roofs, sash windows, old panelled doors etc.

Then looking a little closer, there’s a planning application for demolition of the whole group …. sooo unsurprising.

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