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Thanks Graham, they were expensive but worth it. Fell in love with that type when we lived in France. (Best flat I ever had, ground floor of what once was a convent, parquet, cloisters, parterre, the lot! ) Anyone who has had to paint small frame windows on a regular basis would chose the alu-clad and put up with the textural difference. The tan tone on the skirting (pediment?) is the same as the gutter; my idea was to paint the entire cornice the same colour (to visually integrete the gutter) but herself did not agree, said it would be too heavy and the mid-course/stringer would be like a belt. As she held her views rather strongly, peace reigned. Next time round I will paint the vertical face of the cornice and live with it for a while before a decision is made.
PS the vent covers have since been fitted

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