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Thanks for the link KerryBog2 – they appear a very professional company.
So are these the windows in your new(ish) house you mentioned before? A pity about the rather obvious double-glazing strips, they are of course regulation now anyway, but overall I agree they look very well. Would it be possible to get a picture of the all-important aluminium to the exterior?
(glad to see you’re not a pearl candle-bulber :))

Agreed not all modern windows look flat, nor did I say this was the case. Rather it is the standard aluminium and PVC replacement frames that look like bland inserts – they contribute little to the appearance of buildings. The same can be said even of steel windows too, only in their case the multitude of glazing bars often employed generated their own decorative effect that helped overcome this.
But modern timber and alu-clad timber windows are generally highly flexible and can be adapted to many building forms and architectural contexts in a way that conventional market-driven muck cannot.

Thank you Devin for your as-ever refined contribution re the horn. You can be quite a pane sometimes, pulleying people’s legs – everything just has to hinge on smut when you’re around, yet everyone else can keep it at bay, so just shutter it would you. You’ll be getting a box the next time, and feel the full weight of it let me tell you. Keep your acts of fenestration to yourself in future.

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