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That’s nice. I’d say most of what you can see there (but not the towerhouse) was rebuilt in 1925 – it has that Lambay Castle look about it.

Gianlorenzo, that sounds a bit depressing about Rome. – There was a surprising amount of PVC in Paris last time I was there – but not so much as to get really worried about.


Some will know Cherry House on Sussex Terrace, just off Leeson Street Bridge, which is built in an international style of ’40s/’50s apartment building. It’s the centrepiece of a complex of apartment blocks built on the grounds of demolished Georgian house, Mespil House. All of the other blocks have been modernised with aluminium or PVC windows, but that’s no great tragedy because they are of relatively no architectural merit.

Cherry House though has been deservedly and beautifully preserved with all of its original architectural features intact … UNTIL RECENTLY 😡 . When the above picture was taken two years ago, every single steel window in the building was still in situ. But in the past year, the rot has begun 😡 …

… the VILE WHITE PLASTIC has crept into two 4th floor windows in the facade 😡 (above). The utter thoughtlessness and selfishness of the person who did this; ‘Screw the integrity of the building, with its beautiful wine brick and painted steel windows – I want my glarey white PVC windows!’ :rolleyes:
It is not a Protected Structure.

If extra heat/sound proofing was required, this is what should have been done (below); the use of an inner window, as seen here on the Credit Union in Harold’s Cross.

Cherry House has amazing full-height stair landing windows at the rear (below right). If the Council don’t get the finger out and add it to the Protected Structures list, more damage and loss will be incurred.

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