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Wow – drool or what! 😀
That green is fantastic, a classic colour of the period. So refreshing to see a deviation from conventional white.
That casement detail is most unusual. Lovely gates too.

Steel window manufacturing clearly was a huge industry from the early 30s on to cater for the huge demand of the growing suburbs. Found this great ad on the internet – the text is a bit difficult to make out, so an attempt at reproduction is made at the bottom:

A little twist and push – it’s open! Casement windows won’t stick in our weather. They always open easily. Casement windows are less work.
Steel windows are available in many designs. They are good-looking, durable, and inexpensive too. And because the steel bars and centre-pieces are slimmer than wood windows the light comes through; they are incredibly strong. Steel windows are used in schools, factories and all types of buildings…..


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