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Well as some concession he did describe it as ‘a ghastly material’ 🙂

You’d wonder in big developments like Stephen St if these windows are made industrially by big structural engineering companies, as there’s probably no one left that makes them on a small-scale/domestic basis.
Even if you search on the internet there’s seemingly nothing in Ireland at all, and pretty much the same in the UK too.

One of the last remaining steels in Crumlin village – had to snap it as there’s renovations going on that may result in its disappearance 🙁

There’s a great 1940s corner building on Sundrive Road built of that glowing orangey red brick with rustic concrete tiles on the roof. All fhe render detail and original steel windows which are more modernist that most in design are painted in black and it looks fantastic – almost hints of Tudor design in there such is the strange effect of the thin black glazing bars and imposing chimneys on the roof Must get a pic..

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