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@Graham Hickey wrote:

Steel is a big problem – does anyone know of a single average domestic case where steel windows have been restored?

Yes it’s very rare, but I did come across a case last summer at Orwell Gardens in Churchtown (above) – the windows appear be in the process of being sanded down/primed. But then these people obviously have taste judging by the vintage cars in the drive! 🙂

But yes, an aunt of mine had steel windows in her house – I’m aware of the problems with expansion and contraction. Whatever arguments can be made for the repairability of wooden windows, it’s more difficult to make an argument for steel windows, elegant as they are.

I think the vast majority of steel windows remaining in suburban houses are ‘freak’ survivors – i.e. there’s a stubborn old man or woman living in the house who doesn’t want to make any modern concessions, or else it’s one of those houses that stand out like a sore thumb in an estate – it’s been unocuppied for 15 years due to a family dispute or something!

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